Test your diagnostic knowledge

Autotechnician magazine invites independent technicians to take its free, online Autotech assessments, designed to help you identify where you may be falling down and to support you on your way up!

autotech is an evolving bank of free, confidential online assessments created by independent automotive trainers and shared via Autotechnician magazine. All you need to do is enter a few brief details about yourself here, we’ll verify your email address and then you’re in!

The online tests are completely confidential and you’ll instantly receive your scores and correct answers to see which areas you perhaps fell down on. You will also receive explanations of the topics covered. There are currently nine multiple choice assessments to take and include questions for all levels of ability from those just entering the world of advanced repair to top techs.

Benchmark your knowledge now by logging in, or registering, at https://autotechnician.co.uk/registration.

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