The Morris Lubricants Training Academy: Coolant Training

Morris Lubricants Training Academy: Coolant Training

The next Morris Lubricants Training Academy online training session is dedicated to Coolants.

Most people are aware that their vehicles require a coolant (or antifreeze to many), but many don’t know the key features of these products or the number of different types available.

As with engine oils, a coolants’ primary function is transferring and removing heat, but it also provides antifreeze protection on start-up. Selecting the correct coolant is critical and depends on a number of factors, including make, model and date of manufacture.  If there is any doubt, it is important to seek technical advice.

In this session, we will review all the key features of coolants and the importance they play in protecting your engine.

The next course we will be running is titled: ‘The Importance of Coolants’

Who should attend?

AutomotiveCommercial VehicleOff-HighwayAgricultural: end-users, stockists, distributors and engineers.

Date & Time:

3rd November 10.00 – 11.00 GMT


The training is free to all customers and their employees.

Our courses are developed and delivered by Technology Manager, Adrian Hill. With his 30 years of industry experience; you gain the highest-quality lubricants training you won’t find anywhere else.

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