Tips for maximising TPMS sales

Below, Wheelwright share its tips on how to prepare and take advantage of increased TPMS demand.


  • Stock up to meet demand. When ‘stocking up’, predicting which vehicles you will encounter, and forecasting volumes can be difficult. So, select a universal sensor that covers most of the market and is programmable (can receive new protocols later) and rest assured you have the correct part to hand that won’t become obsolete.
  • Whenever you remove a tyre from the rim, OE manufacturers recommend that you service the valve. Therefore, also ensure you have enough service kits and valves
  • Simple yet effective habits for increased productivity are charging your TPMS tool after every working day and keeping it updated. The latter point is of particular importance because each software update provides additional coverage meaning you can service a larger number of vehicles. Do not waste valuable time charging or updating your TPMS tool while a car is on the ramp!

Wheelwright offer a wide range of TPMS products, fulfilling all your servicing needs. Besides, 99% vehicle coverage and programmability, the T-Pro Hybrid NFC sensor boasts Near-Field Communication (NFC). This technology facilitates a faster configuration experience via a free Android app. The convenience of the app makes it an ideal way to start profiting from TPMS business.

Similarly, the Starter Kit Pro, including the most popular replacement parts (12 service kits and 52 valves), covers 99% of the market. And, what’s more, you can stock up and save with many TPMS tool and sensor bundle deals.


The next step to better equip your team for success is with training. Do your technicians know how to replace a sensor without causing damage? Can they spot the signs of corrosion, and identify which components are serviceable? Do they understand the difference between each relearn type and know how to perform one effectively? If you do not train your technicians correctly, these processes can become problematic.

Fortunately, Wheelwright’s proficient sales team run a comprehensive online TPMS training course, covering all important aspects. Furthermore, Tyresure’s website is home to a wealth of useful resources, such as answers to frequently asked questions and downloadable guides.


Tyresure’s TPMS training course includes methods for educating customers about the importance of TPMS and increasing TPMS sales by, for example:

  • If one sensor battery is low, advise the customer to replace the other sensors too. If one is flat, the others are likely to follow. Changing them at the same time will prevent the customer from returning, saving them time and money.
  • If your customer has a set of TPMS sensors in their summer/winter tyres, recommend a service because corrosion can occur when valves are regularly exposed to road salt and dirt. Servicing upholds the sensor’s performance which, in turn, helps avoid premature tyre wear that could result in another visit.

Since TPM systems became mandatory for new passenger cars, the demand for TPMS-related services has been rising – which looks set to continue. Therefore, you need a partner who provides the complete TPMS package to help your business thrive. Contact Wheelwright’s team to find out more.

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