[Webinar] The Future of EV

Watch Valeo's latest webinar on the future of EV!

As we know, due to environmental factors governments and vehicle manufacturers are moving away from conventional engine technologies and moving towards electrification. The requirement to dramatically reduce emissions produced by vehicles is already evident with many cities implementing clean air zones and the impending ban on diesel and petrol engines in the UK.

As the industry leader in EV solutions Valeo are supporting this electric revolution with innovative technology not only for fully electric vehicles but also with hybrid vehicles as well.

In this webinar, we look at the different types of solutions available and how they are being adapted into the latest vehicles being produced.

Attend this 40 minute webinar and take away the following:

  • The history behind EV and why this time it will be different
  • The technology being produced and implemented by manufacturers
  • How the EV revolution will affect drivers and garages

Ideal for motor factors, garages and fitters to learn about the latest technology being produced within the EV revolution and how it may affect them.

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