[Webinar] The Valeo 48V integrated Belt Starter Generator (iBSG)

Join us on the 9th February 2022 at 10am or watch on demand after the event!

As the automotive industry head towards electricification and greener transport, Valeo’s +48V systems will play an integral part for affordable electrification solutions.


As an industry leader in electrification, supplying manufacturers worldwide with full and hybrid electrification solutions, we are going to look at the affordable electrification solution of the +48V systems and specifically the iBSG.


In this 40 minute webinar we introduce the technical aspects of the +48V iBSG as well as the following:


  • What is the iBSG and how is it utilised as a hybrid solution
  • The advantages of the +48V system
  • OE examples where the +48V iBSG are being utilised


Ideal for motor factors, garages and car enthusiasts to learn the latest technologies available at both OEM and in the Aftermarket.

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