[Webinar] Valeo Cabin Air Purifiers- A Coronavirus Cleansing Solution!

With the rapid spread of the coronavirus, it is justified that many car owners are now thinking about the right way to disinfect their vehicle. As the virus is known to settle on surfaces, it is crucial to have an effective disinfecting and sanitising method in place for safe travel.

In this webinar on the 19th January 2022 we introduce the Valeo answer and our three phase solution to keep your vehicle clean and free of viruses and bacteria.     

Attend this 18 minute webinar and learn the following:

  • The Valeo solution to help stop outside viruses and bacteria from entering your vehicle
  • The Valeo solution for disinfecting the car cabin
  • How each product works and the advantages to suppliers, motor factors and vehicle owners

Ideal for motor factors, garages and members of the public to learn about this coronavirus solution that is readily available for use today!

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