[Webinar] Valeo Clutch – Hydraulic Systems and Components

Valeo/FTE clucth hydraulic components and systems discussed in one very useful webinar!

Hydraulic systems became mandatory for all vehicle manufacturers as they provide many more benefits compared to the manual system, increasing efficiency of the actuation with less space required. For these reasons, one vehicle out of two is equipped with a hydraulic system today.

As Valeo/FTE are leading parts manufacturers in clutch hydraulic systems, we are ideally placed to discuss the follwing topics:

  • The basic principles of operation of hydraulic clutch release systems
  • A focus on the individual components within the systems
  • Key advantages of a hydraulic system over a conventional mechanical system, and the innovations being utilised today

Ideal for motor factors, garages and fitters to learn about the latest technology being produced and how it may affect them.

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