[Webinar] Valeo Flexible Flywheels – A Hybrid between a Dual Mass Flywheel and a Solid Flywheel

Join us on the 7th July at 10am for this 14 minute webinar!

This session provides a focus on the Valeo Flexible Flywheel, which is a Hybrid flywheel solution between the Dual Mass Flywheel and a Solid Flywheel, designed to address various engine / transmission related vibrations and noises.

Watch today and enjoy the following key takeaways:

  • Understanding vibrations – how and where they originate
  • Creation of Torsional Vibrations, Axial Bending and Noise
  • Components within the flywheel, the operation and the benefits

Ideal for motor factors, garages and members of the public to learn how the flexible flywheel reduces vibration and noises created during the combustion cycle in less than 10 minutes!

Attend and access our FREE downloadable content, such as our Valeo Scope – Flywheel Technical Handbook and Technical Service Bulletins.

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