AVRO are pioneers leading the way when it comes to providing the most advanced specialist restoration technologies and equipment. Suppling Dry Ice and Laser cleaning machines.

AVRO was founded to offer the UK’s largest range of specialist cleaning machinery including Dry Ice Blasting, Vacuum Blasting and Laser Cleaning products. Our extensive experience and knowledge within these sectors over the years makes AVRO the best place possible for you to purchase your specialist equipment and receive the continued advice and ongoing support you need.
We are proud to be the sole authorized UK distributors of ICS Dry Ice Cleaning Systems.
We have the most extensive range of Dry Ice blasting equipment, tailored to satisfy any and all requirements. The materials or surfaces which can be cleaned using innovative dry ice blasting are almost limitless. The process is non-abrasive, non-toxic and non-conductive; it does not use chemicals, nor does it generate secondary waste.
Laser cleaning is the use of a laser beam on a contaminated surface – such as paint, metal oxide, dirt & grime. Laser cleaning uses ablation – i.e separating two dissimilar materials which have differing ablation thresholds (e.g. rust and steel) by vaporising the rust which has a lower ablation threshold than that of steel.

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