Cactus Industrial

Smart tooling repair with MONTI's MBX® technologies.
MBX®: For fast removal of rust, paint, undercoatings, sealers and more.
Vinyl Zapper®: Specially engineered to remove vinyls, adhesive residues, stickers and more.

Smart tooling repair for the automotive sector.
MONTI's MBX® and Vinyl Zapper® technologies are specially designed for garages and bodyshops.

MBX®: A powerful hand-held technology specially designed for easy, fast and effective removal of rust, paint, undercoating, sealers and more. And it dresses weld seams from vehicle panels with ease.

There's no grinding or removal of substrate material. It cleans surfaces evenly, with no heat development. And it's designed for hard-to-reach areas.

The MBX® technology:
• Pneumatic - Low Rotational Speed of max. 3500 RPM
• Ultimate Electric - Dual Hertz with rotational speed control
• Ultimate Cordless - Battery-operated
• Axial - For the most difficult-to-reach areas

MBX® Vinyl Zapper® Ultimate Electric Variomatic is specially designed for the removal of vinyl, adhesive residues, stickers, pin-stripes and more from acrylic paints on metal and aluminium surfaces.

This technology has a removal rate of 35 - 50 sq.ft per hour, uses a specially engineered material with natural rubber base for no harm or smearing to the work surface and leaves minimal adhesive residue.

Vinyl Zapper® Ultimate Cordless for battery-operated removal of vinyl, adhesives and more. With a silicone wheel that's up to 10 x more durable than traditional wheels. Its 1350rpm operating speed ensures a quick and effective cleaning of the surface.

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