CDTi is a global supplier of emission reduction technology providing high-value sustainable solutions to the emissions control market. In the United Kingdom we supply our PatFluid fuel additive for DPFs to the aftermarket.

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CDTi is a global supplier of emissions reduction technology across many industries. Having acquired multiple government verifications and customers that include internationally recognized OEMs, the quality and experience developed into our products speak for itself.

We have a broad catalyst product & technology offering, we’ve produced over 12 million coated catalyst parts and have 55 patented technologies. This range includes Three Way Catalysts, Diesel Oxidation Catalysts, Coated Diesel Particulate Filters, Selective Catalytic Reduction and industrial process catalysts. These can be manufactured by us, or the technology supplied to other manufacturers. We offer a range of related services covering R&D, sample coating and analytical & performance testing.

We also supply our catalyst technology in full exhaust control systems, such as Diesel Particulate Filters, for retrofit or first fit on a variety of applications. We have various verified system types to make sure we have the right technology for the application.

CDTi has long produced Fuel Borne Catalyst products. Fuel Borne Catalysts are fuel additives containing catalysts, with the main purpose of regenerating DPFs. We supply our PatFluid® product to the aftermarket as a universal replacement for the various OEM DPF additives and manufacture our premium Platinum Plus® products for other applications.

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