HEVRA supports independent electric vehicle workshops by helping customers find qualified garages and providing those garages with vehicle-specific information and technical backup.

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HEVRA adds two sides to your electric vehicle business- the first is getting them in the door, and the second is getting them out the door.
The HEVRA website provides a place for drivers to find garages who can repair electric cars- thanks to our promotional work with the EV community, advertising both online and in person, HEVRA has become the trusted alternative to franchised dealerships. Customers find garages by the website and book their car in the usual way.
HEVRA provides the garage with vehicle-specific information, so even if it’s the first example of that model you’ve seen, you already know your way round it. If you need a piece of information or a second opinion on what you’re doing, our technical support is just a quick message away.
The excellent service provided by our member garages with our support adds to the reputation of the network, which leads to more recommendations and more cars to fix. Whilst we firmly believe electric vehicles are the future, we also know they’re the present; getting thousands of them back on the road every year.

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