Professional Tools and Treatments for Solving Diesel, DPF and Petrol Problems

JLM is a global manufacturer of professional additives and diesel / DPF cleaning systems. JLM products are primarily developed for the professional mechanic working in an increasingly diagnostics based environment.

Established in 2010, JLM developed the first ever TUV approved Valve Saver Product for LPG engines. They soon expanded into DPF treatments with the only DPF Cleaner to incorporate platinum and cerium, plus a universal DPF Refill Fluid for on board fuel dosing systems (e.g PSA, Ford, Mercedes). The full range includes quality service products such as DPF Cleaning Toolkits, engine oil flush, turbo cleaner and injector cleaners, plus innovative petrol products like the GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) Injector cleaner, the world’s first dedicated GDI treatment.

With distributors in over 40 countries, JLM is recognised as the choice of the professional mechanic. In the UK JLM is distributed exclusively by Kalimex Ltd and is proud to be associated with Darren Darling (The DPF Doctor) who has been appointed as a global brand ambassador for JLM.

The JLM Range perfectly complements the work of the professional automotive technician. After diagnosis of any underlying problems JLM products can be used to clear the symptoms and restore normal to diesel and petrol engines.

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