Autotech Online Volume 5: Matt Cleevely, Febi & Darren Darling

Matt Cleevely of Cleevely EV talks about how to incorporate Electric Vehicle work into an existing business, febi show an Audi A3 Wheel Bearing Replacement and Darren Darling, the DPF doctor gives a walktrough of JLM's Intake Extreme Clean treatment

Matt Cleevely, Cleevely EV: Incorporating Electric Vehicle work into an existing business

Matt describes his personal and business journey into incorporating electric vehicle repair and maintenance work within his established workshop. He provides details on setting up, tooling and the wider opportunities available, as well as a number of common repairs seen at Cleevely EV.

febi: Audi A3 Wheel Bearing Replacement

Within this 4-minute video, febi describes the various wheel bearings available, the symptoms of a failing component, inspecting the fault and a step-by-step guide to front wheel bearing replacement on an Audi A3.

Darren Darling, DPF Doctor: JLM’s Diesel Intake Extreme Clean treatment walkthrough

In Darren’s 14-minute presentation, he walks us through the process of using JLM Lubricants’ Diesel Intake Extreme Clean treatment on a Land Rover Freelander 2.0ltr TD4.


Also featured: A message from ACtronics on how to request the remanufacture of faulty components; a brief overview of Automechanika Birmingham’s online auto:resource and a snapshot of the training available from ZF.

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