LKQ Euro Car Parts Top Tips – Handy tips when changing oil filters

When it comes to oil filters, a simple task can sometimes cause problems. By following the correct process and using the right products, this can become even easier. Average size engines have a capacity of 4.5 litres which is filtered approximately 240 times per hour while the car is running. Different filters have different needs, so here’s some hand do’s and don’ts’ for Spin-on and Cartridge filters:

Spin-on filters


  • Remove the old oil filter sealing ring from the mounting face
  • Ensure the mounting face on the engine is clean and free from damage
  • Make sure the centre threaded adapter is fitted correctly and undamaged
  • Confirm the filter is correct for the application
  • Lubricate the sealing ring with clean engine oil
  • Hand tighten the filter ½ – ¾ turn after initial seal contact, or as recommended by the engine/vehicle manufacturer.

    Do not

  • Fit a damaged or dented filter
  • Use a wrench to tighten a filter unless specified by the engine or filter manufacturer.

Cartridge (paper element) filter


  • Make sure the old seal has been removed from the groove in the filter housing
  • Ensure the filter housing has been thoroughly cleaned
  • Inspect for burns or sharp edges, ensuring there are none on the filter housing
  • Make sure the correct sealing ring is fitted, if more than one is supplied
  • Tighten according to the engine/vehicle manufacturers instructions.

Do nots

  • Re-use old sealing rings
  • Fit damaged filters
  • Overtighten the centre blot.

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