2 more first-to-market brake pads added to an extensive list of 2020 achievements

Despite 2020 being an unprecedented year for the global automotive industry, Delphi Technologies’ braking program made great strides to become the first-mover supplier in Europe with market-leading coverage. We wrapped up the year with two more first-to-market brake pad announcements. Let’s take a look at everything our braking program accomplished in 2020.

A company record for first-to-market brake pads

We have recently announced on social media 2 more first-to-market brake pad applications in our European braking program; Front brake pads for the new Toyota Yaris Cross (09/2020>) and front brake pads for the Toyota Prius PHV (05/2019>).

These new applications join an already extensive list of first-to-market brake pad applications. The total of first-to-market applications added in 2020 covers 24 models across 12 vehicle manufacturers- a company record for the aftermarket braking program.

2020 new to range parts combined cover 100 million+ European VIO

Our braking program is more than just brake pads. To make sure our customers have all the right parts for the right repair, we’ve added a total of 284 new parts this year to our aftermarket braking program which includes brake discsbrake drumsbrake hoses, brake drum kits, brake shoes, brake cylinders, and more. By continuously expanding our braking program, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket enables new business opportunities for our customers by providing access to high-quality replacement parts for a rapidly growing car parc in Europe.

For more details visit: https://www.delphiautoparts.com/gbr/en/article/2-more-first-market-brake-pads-added-extensive-list-2020-achievements


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