2 years on and Viking Workx in Belgium are still super happy with Vixen Aquablast®

Viking Workx, based in Belgium purchased Vixen's Aquablast® machine to offer a one-stop shop for classic car restorations.
The owner Stefan was referred to our distributor in Belgium: Cleansurfacegroup by Sodablast Softblasting systems where he demonstrated the machine and discussed the best abrasives for his process, this led to him purchasing our 915 model.
Two years on, Stefan is still very happy and impressed with his machine and sent in this video of a project he is currently working on.
“I’m super happy with it, it really enhances the quality of the product we deliver!”
Now, using Vixen’s vapor blasting technology, he is able to renovate all non-ferrous metal parts and achieve a better than new finish in a complete dust-free working environment. He has also found the machine to work well with certain plastics, as shown in the video.
The Aquablast® machines clean by flow, not by impact with the water acting as a lubricant. This results in extended media life as well as avoiding media impregnation or causing any dimensional change to the component.
“The Aquablast® has operated flawlessly, I’ve had no need of the Aftersales service or support. I can state that my initial contact with Vixen went very well. I was happy with the deal that was made, and even more so the smooth installation process.”
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