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The global focus on improving air pollution has led to significant changes in emissions monitoring and control.

In January 2014, new European standards (Euro 6) were introduced, requiring stricter emissions checks to be carried out during MOTs from May 2018.connected equipment

As a result, garages and MOT centres have had to update their emissions testing equipment to meet these new standards for petrol and diesel-engine vehicles, with the more stringent restrictions for diesel-engine vehicles often requiring a number of retrospective upgrades.


For businesses wishing to future-proof themselves, it is essential that they invest in high-quality equipment. By purchasing reliable products from trusted and established brands, garages can ensure that they have access to the retrofits, upgrades and support services needed when the next set of changes are introduced.


It is expected that there will be a requirement for all MOT equipment to be connected at some point in the future. Crypton’s smoke meters and exhaust gas analysers are currently being tested ahead of the introduction of new regulations in the spring.


Combined emissions analyser (CCP800):

  • Designed for both petrol and diesel-engine vehicles
  • Functional and reliable
  • Switch between gas and smoke testing in one click

Standalone solutions:

Smoke Meter (Diesel):

  • Can test a variety of vehicles including cars, vans, trucks and buses
  • Measures the opacity and density of diesel-engine exhaust emissions
  • Easy to handle
  • Weatherproof
  • Charging station provided

Gas Analyser (Petrol):

  • Accurately measures the levels of CO (carbon monoxide), HCs (hydrocarbons), O2 (oxygen), and CO2 (carbon dioxide) present in the vehicle’s exhaust emissions

Functionality will always be a priority when it comes to emissions-testing equipment. However, the ability to choose equipment that suits a business, which can be also upgraded when needed, can help garages and MOT centres deliver value for years to come.

For more information on our emissions analyser range, visit the product page here or call 0121 725 1400 to speak to our sales team.

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