Crypton: Low Ceiling Garage Solutions Part 2

Garages with low ceilings can present premises owners with numerous challenges. Part 2


The design of an MOT pit marks it out as an ideal solution for garages of limited height. Following installation, car bays of this design require very little ongoing maintenance, resulting in minimal upkeep costs.

Additionally, when supplemented with good-quality lighting, a car pit set-up allows for easy efficient cleaning and inspection within the MOT bay. However, much like a two-part lift, it is the added features that distinguish the most high quality auto pits as solutions for garages with low ceilings. Pit bays from Crypton are DVSA-approved for a wide range of weight capacities, including Class IV and VII vehicles. They also come with a wide range of innovations to enable easier and safer operation.

Features included within the car pit include wheel play detectors to quickly and accurately check for suspension and steering wear, and a brake pedal depressor that provides secure and constant pressure throughout automotive servicing. Turntables on the pit bay also allow for lock-to-lock tests that can identify overly rough or tight steering systems, with quick lock releases.


Auto pits from Crypton can be purchased as a one person pit lane (OPTL) or as an automated testing lane (ATL). Inspection pits bought as an ATL allow for greater productivity and profitability, as one mechanic can carry out a full MOT within the car pit, instead of the usual two. This additional mechanic can then be redeployed to another car bay, 2 post lift or MOT pit, lowering the cost per MOT and allowing for better, more efficient service.

By opting for an OPTL package, garage owners can upgrade their existing MOT bay without having to pay for an ATL. As a result, it is a highly attractive option for those looking to replace old equipment in their auto pit and meet DVSA requirements.

Crypton’s OPTL packages for car pits include wheel play detectors, a headlight tester and jacking beam, and two convex mirrors that can be wall-mounted. Replacement wheel play detectors, brake pedal depressors, and turntables are also included.

midrise scissor low celing


A final option for small garage owners is Crypton’s mid-rise scissor lift. A perfect solution for garages struggling to find space for a two-post car lift for servicing, the midrise scissor lift is compact and highly versatile. Unlike other car lifts, the midrise scissor lift is portable and can be moved around the workshop to suit space limitations, and can even be placed outside.

Taking this into account, the mid-rise scissor lift allows mechanics to carry out wheel, tyre and brake changes and servicing without being hampered by low ceilings due to its one metre lifting height. When employed alongside car pits that allow gearbox removal, they can give workshop operators added flexibility regardless of their premises’ height constraints.


In conclusion, workshops with low ceilings present a unique challenge for business owners looking to purchase new MOT bays, or upgrade existing car pits and low ceiling car lifts. For a high quality 2 post car lift or car repair pit solution for your garage, contact Crypton today.

For further information on Crypton’s exhaust emissions tester, click here.

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