Good Vibes Only with Strut Top Mountings from febi

Supplying over 550 Strut Top Mountings, with over 26,000 applications, febi has an extensive coverage for a variety of makes and models including BMW, Ford and Vauxhall.

The greatest challenge for modern, technologically complex vehicles is balancing performance, economy, and environmental compatibility. However, many of the roads they drive on are far from perfect. The suspension, in particular, is frequently exposed to extreme loads increasing the quality demands placed on wear parts.

The suspension Strut Top Mounting is a bonded rubber bush mounted to the top of the damper and fixed to the vehicle’s chassis. This is an integral part of the suspension strut assembly and helps to ensure that the tyres have ideal contact with the road surface. Strut Mountings can also incorporate a bearing or a bearing plate which allows the strut to turn with the steered wheels.

The relevance for driving comfort and road safety is correspondingly high. This is why febi Strut Top Mountings are made from OE grade rubber and follow the precise specifications of the vehicle manufacturer, ensuring optimum performance.

Quality by Conviction

To ensure reliable absorption of the vertical and horizontal forces during acceleration, braking, and cornering, febi strut mountings are intensively tested.

Our quality management tests the offered strut mountings for various requirements and loads. These include fitting accuracy, dimensional accuracy, material quality, tensile strength, and degrees of hardness. The range exclusively includes strut mountings that guarantee 100% driving stability.


febi ProKit – The Complete Repair Solution

febi Strut Top Mount ProKits are a tailor-made solution, offering assembly kits that include all the necessary mounting parts (e.g. ball bearings, spring plates, bolts and nuts etc.) so repairs can be completed without delay. Our claim to have consistent quality of parts across the entire range can be demonstrated with the febi ProKit. The high-quality standards apply to all connecting materials, not just the main wear parts.


Complete – febi ProKits come complete with all the parts you need for the professional repair.

Efficient – No delays checking and confirming the contents – febi ProKits are always complete.

Fast – This means your customers will be more satisfied with the service provided to them.

Easy – Identified easily, simply look for the febi ProKit sign whenever you search for parts.


Want quality and value? Choose febi! Your Premium Quality Aftermarket Solution!

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