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The creators of VPM have been in the business of vehicle parts sales and distribution for many years. In that time, we have spent many hours searching for the parts that our company and our customers need. Sending lots of emails, phone calls and requests to anyone you can think of, that may have the part you need, is time consuming.

We realised that if we could get large amounts of stock information in one place, we could cut down the search time considerably and reach out to more people with our products. If we can find a good home for our older inventory and make a profit, even better.

Ultimately, we are not in competition with customers and suppliers, just helping them contact each other and facilitating a sale.


  1. Choose the best membership plan for you and your payment choice
  2. Set up your account and build your own virtual shop
  3. List the parts you want to sell on a spreadsheet and upload to VPM
  4. Sit back while buyers monetise your ageing and obsolete stock.

Sell your excess parts in one digital marketplace

No selling fees. No commission. No complications.

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