Bosch’s Existing Offer for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

The sales of new fuel types have seen a rapid growth in the last decade, in 2021 reaching the highest rate of increase.

37.6% of new vehicle registrations across the UK and EU in 2021 consisted of electric and hybrid vehicles, compared to 22.4% in 2020.

For the maintenance of hybrid and electric vehicles, Bosch offers an extensive range of products which are essential for the reliable functioning and long lifetime of vehicles. The Aerotwin front wiper blades are covered up to 98% of the European electric and hybrid cars, whereas the Bosch cabin filters reach a coverage of over 90%.

Despite being propelled by a high voltage battery, electric vehicles still need the 12volt battery we are familiar with, playing a key role for the functioning of nearly all electrical components and ensuring the availability of critical safety systems. Bosch offers a wide range of high quality EFB and AGM batteries suitable for electric vehicles.

The Bosch programme of brake pads and discs is serving not only internal combustion engines but also electric and hybrid vehicles, providing a high coverage and an easier stock management for workshops.

Workshop test equipment and diagnosis for electric and hybrid vehicles

Bosch provides air conditioning servicing units (ACSx53 and ACSx63 series) which supports both PAG and POE oil types and includes hose flushing functions which are required to enable the servicing of air conditioning systems on electric and hybrid vehicles.

The multi brand vehicle control unit diagnostic software ESI [tronic] 2.0 and KTS 5xx series are already used in every third independent workshop in Europe. Besides a comprehensive electric and hybrid-system coverage, ESI [tronic] 2.0 provides excellent coverage on the other vehicle systems including Secure Diagnostic Access (SDA), which enables access to protected vehicle functions and future proofed diagnostic sessions.

Training courses for high voltage systems

Bosch offer a comprehensive training solution for technicians wishing to work on these vehicles, with a complete suite of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle training courses available to suit all needs and requirements. These range from essential EV knowledge and awareness (IMI Level 1), right up to fully qualified ‘expert’ technician (IMI Level 4), the highest level of qualification available.

These can be attended either online, via Bosch’s ‘Virtual Classroom’ concept, or as traditional face-to-face learning, at one of their dedicated training facilities.

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