Brake Inspection Tips with Remy

In this video, we discuss a few important tips to help you perform a quality brake inspection. Depending on what region your shop is in, there are certain parts of the brake system you should inspect more closely than others.

Areas with Harsh Winters: Regions with a lot of snow and ice need to pay particular attention to the calipers, brake lines and rotors. Aggressive de-icing chemicals lead to rapid corrosion of these parts of the brake system. Corrosion can cause the pins in the caliper bracket to bind, not allowing the caliper to slide correctly. Corrosion can also cause the brake lines to leak, which can lead to brake fade or a loss of brake pedal entirely.

Mountainous Regions: In mountainous regions, your vehicle goes through a lot of heat cycles since you use your brakes more frequently on the back side of mountains. The square cut seal in the caliper can only absorb so many heat cycles before it loses its flexibility. If the seal loses its flexibility, the piston won’t retract into its housing, which can lead to premature brake pad wear or uneven brake pad wear.

High Humidity Regions: Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it is always pulling moisture out of the air. In high humidity areas, your brake fluid is more susceptible to absorbing moisture. Moisture in your hydraulic system will 1.) lower the boiling point in your fluid and 2.) start to corrode any metal parts in the hydraulic system from the inside out.


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