EV/PHEV Training with AutoCare

With the government now bringing forward the deadline for end of production of Petrol and Diesel vehicles to 2030, one of the areas of interest for the majority of garages is EV and Hybrid technology.

With many industry experts predicting a lack of EV/PHEV trained technicians, AutoCare is certainly a head of the trend in helping to close supposed this skills gap.  As a fully IMI accredited centre, AutoCare offers IMI EV/PHEV training levels 1-3 at over 60 venues across the UK.

More than 35 per cent of the AutoCare network currently has an IMI level two EV/PHEV or above qualified technician in their workshop, the network has confirmed.

The figure represents more than double the industry average.

A spokesperson for AutoCare said: “With the increase of qualified technicians in the past year increasing from 3-5 per cent, figures suggest that at the current rate there will be a skill gap shortage on maintenance for EV’s indicating increased opportunities for garages and workshops that have trained technicians on hand.

“Whilst the AutoCare network programmes provided by Alliance Automotive Group not only support garages with lead generation, IT solutions, marketing and branding opportunities, the real unique selling point lies in its market leading training programme.

“With over 87 training courses offered at any given time and five specifically on EV vehicles, members are reaping the rewards of the programmes added value opportunities.

“Such is the dedication of the networks team, training was still offered during the first lockdown in the UK with over 100 courses completed during April to August alone, via distance learning or utilising social distances measured.”

Heading up the EV/PHEV training for AutoCare is Automotive Technical Expert Steve Carter.  Steve joined the team exclusively on 7th April 2018 to deliver technical training courses, in-particular the new IMI EV/PHEV courses for the Alliance Automotive.

Steve was the technical trainer that worked alongside the IMI to develop their current offering of EV & PHEV training courses, so there is no one better placed to offer advice on this technology.   Steve continues to work with the group and is now back running our EV/PHEV training up and down the UK and Northern Ireland.  During lockdown when classroom courses were not an option Steve put on several technical webinars for AutoCare members to keep them up to date with the ever-advancing EV vehicle technology.  Below is part 1 of a webinar Steve did on PHEV and BEV On Board Charging Systems

For more information on the AutoCare Programme and how to access the EV/PHEV training with Steve Carter please contact the AutoCare team on 01274 654605 or email support@autocaregarages.co.uk.

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