[Webinar] PSA Engine Radiator Modifications

Join us on the 21st April at 10am for this 6 minute webinar!

In this webinar we take a quick look at why motor factors and garage fitters may get some issues replacing radiators for Citroen and Peugeot applications…..

In order to improve the efficiency for the vehicle driver, and to help reduce fitting errors as well as fitment times, PSA have made several modifications to their radiators. As Valeo is OE on a lot of these radiators, in this quick 6 minute webinar, we help talk you through the following:                                       


  • The two main modifications implemented on a PSA radiator
  • The advantages of the modifications
  • How to visually identify a PSA radiator has been modified and what you will need   

Ideal for motor factors, garages and members of the public to learn how to identify if the radiator attempting to be fitted, sold or purchased has been modified to avoid any and all confusion!

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