Niterra UK

Niterra UK Ltd is home to the market leading NGK and NTK portfolios of ignition components and vehicle electronics. The company will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2025.

Niterra UK Ltd, formally NGK Spark Plugs Ltd, is home to the NGK ignition components and NTK vehicle electronics portfolios. Both ranges are firm favourites in workshops up and down the country in multiple sectors including four-wheel, two-wheel, small engine, horticulture, and marine. It is best known for NGK spark plugs and ignition coils, and NTK exhaust gas recirculation valves and lambda sensors. The technology offered from the two brands provides fantastic products for the aftermarket from the brand which is often the OE brand of choice. The company regularly launches new products, either to expand coverage or to open up exciting repair opportunities for workshops. The company is also well known for its best-in-class loyalty program called Box Clever which supports 1000 of garages with exciting rewards. The company also has an excellent online academy with wide-ranging training for technicians of all skill levels. The website also features the popular Part Finder website which makes it easy for users to quickly find the exact part they need within the expansive vehicle application coverage. The company will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2025, with exciting plans to celebrate customers and industry partners alike so watch this space!

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