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Traction Charger are creators of the world’s finest battery charging technology. We innovate, design and manufacture battery chargers, battery support units, showroom support units and bespoke charging solutions.

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Traction Charger are designers and manufacturers of innovative battery charging solutions.
Our MPL Battery Charger range is available in 12V, 10A, 20A, 50A and 24V 10A, and 20A versions, to meet the charging requirements of most battery sizes.
Our Battery Support Units range have been designed to meet the needs of high power-consuming vehicles, and can be wall, ramp or trolley mounted, with 5M output leads as standard.
Our Showroom Conditioners connect to your vehicles so you can be sure that they're always ready for demonstration and the battery is kept in prime condition.
Our products are used in many industries including automotive, haulage, telecoms, mobility and standby applications, and are suitable for both industrial and workshop use. We also design and manufacture bespoke charging solutions for both ‘one’ off production or volume applications – just let us know your particular requirements.

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