The Future of Automotive Training Webinar

Discussing the new normal for training within the UK aftermarket in 2021 and beyond. Supported by Bosch UK and Alliance Automotive Group.


This webinar has now taken place. You can watch the recording HERE

While the pandemic has applied the brakes on business operations in many ways, it hasn’t stopped the acceleration of new technologies in the Automotive Sector, and therefore the need for training and upskilling for our garage and workshop staff.

However, lockdowns and social distancing measures have had a severe impact on traditional training courses and methods, both for training providers and the technicians in need of training. The expert panel will discuss;

  • The impact of the pandemic on workshop training
  • How can workshops access training in 2021
  • What will be the ‘new normal’ for training beyond the pandemic
  • What are the training priorities for workshops (electrification, ADAS, other)

Business guidance for workshops on how to plan and access training for staff, now and in the future.

Speaker: Tom Denton

We’re delighted to announce the renowned automotive author, Tom Denton, will be joining our panel.

Tom has been researching and writing best-selling automotive textbooks for over 25 years. His published work is endorsed by all leading professional organisations and used by automotive students across the world. Tom is also an Associate Lecturer for the Open University, a Fellow of the IMI and Member of the Institute of Road Transport Engineers and the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Speaker: Maria McCullough

Next in our line-up is AutoCare Garage Network Manager, Maria McCullough.

Maria has been with GROUPAUTO for 37 years in total, and 18 years ago she launched the AutoCare garage programme in the UK. Starting from scratch and building it to the tremendous 845 garages currently on board.

In February 2020, AutoCare won best garage concept at the CAT awards.

In addition, Maria is also the manager for approved garages and Top Truck in the UK.

Speaker: Phil Weller

Also joining us is Phil Weller, Network Manager – United Garage Services, United Aftermarket Network Ltd

United Garage Services is the garage support programme available to independent workshops exclusively through the UAN trading group.  They have 130 garages live on the network and offer network members training courses in marketing support, lead generation, technical help as well as a host of other support tools.

Phil has worked for the company for 16 years, firstly with AutoCare and GROUPAUTO before moving to the UAN in 2017 to launch their garage support programme United Garage Services.

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