Changing a boost pressure sensor on an inlet manifold is a daily occurrence and fortunately, in most vehicles, they are easily accessible.

Most can be straightforwardly un-clipped or unscrewed from their housing, but it is when replacing them that WD-40® is often overlooked. A simple spray of solution on the pipe – or any pipe within an engine bay for that matter – ensures a smooth and precise fit, and also acts as a protector, particularly on the O-ring seal.

In engines where there are secondary units, these are often more obscurely placed. The second pressure sensor in a Ford Fiesta, as an example, is found towards the lower end of the front of the engine bay, visible from the top but hard to reach due to the shortage of space. This is where WD-40® Flexible comes into its own and becomes a must have tool.

Due to its position the holding screw will undoubtedly be suffering from road grime and likely seized. Flexible’s long pliable straw can easily be threaded around any obstacles to ensure the spray of solution can be precisely delivered prior to it being removed.

With the same formula as all WD-40® Multi-Use Products, it protects against moisture and corrosion, lubricates, loosens, and removes impurities, making it ideal for eliminating moisture, protecting metal surfaces against corrosion, freeing stuck mechanisms, and removing rust and dirt.

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