A reminder for mechanics on just how useful silicone spray can be when maintaining a car.

While the hack to ensure electric windows run smoothly – the one where a light spray inside the runners of a window frame followed by a quick couple of run-throughs of the window opening and closing process guarantees longevity – is commonly known, silicone spray can be used on countless day-to-day jobs.

A key one must be freeing up a bonnet (or boot) latch. Silicone’s water-repelling properties prevents the metal components from sticking especially as the position means most are prone to being exposed to all conditions resulting in corrosion or engine soil build up. While WD-40® Specialist Degreaser would always be a go-to product to ensure a quick and effortless clean-up of oil residue and filth, in reality, a swift covering of silicone will make cleaning the area easier. Once clean, a liberal spray over the latch will ensure its ease of use.

Exposed cables within an engine bay can prove problematic, particularly where they enter a protective sheath or guide. Again, over time a build-up of corrosion and/or just engine-spoil can stop them from operating smoothly. A liberal spray covering the cable and particularly where it enters the sheath will eradicate any problems or, more importantly, potential problems!

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