Accidents will always happen. They’re never intentional but, when they do strike – and they often do when least expected, but ALWAYS at the most inconvenient of moments – they need rectifying in double quick time.

Take topping up an engine’s oil as a prime example.

In haste, it’s not uncommon for a filler cap to be screwed back into place without sitting exactly true in its seat. It’s only after a test drive the error is often realised with oil dripping off the inside of a bonnet and covering the rocker cover and/or plastic cowling. Elementary mistake for sure, but an error nonetheless.

WD-40® Specialist Degreaser comes into its own in this scenario. The fast-acting solvent-based spray quickly eats into the oil (along with general grease and grime built up over time) and, with a quick wipe-over, cleans without leaving any residue and without causing any damage to vital elements of the engine. In fact, it cleans so well, the engine bay often looks like new.

As with all WD-40® Specialist products, Degreaser cans are equipped with the company’s Spray-2-Ways technology and a Smart Straw, which enables uses to cover a broad area in an instant and then, with the flick of the straw, spray with precision for those hard-to-reach areas.

WD-40® will be attending the Garage and Bodyshop Show at the National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham on June 8th and 9th.

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