JLM & The DPF Doctor: How to Refill the Onboard Dosing Reservoir

The DPF Doctor explains how to refill the onboard dosing reservoir with DPF Refill Fluid.

The DPF Doctor demonstrates the use of JLM’s DPF Refill Kit J02270 in order to top up the onboard DPF dosing reservoir for this Citroen Berlingo. The Refill Kit now comes with a new and improved cap dosing system with which ensures much faster filling of the fluid tank. JLM Lubricants DPF Refill Fluid J02260 is a suitable and safe alternative for all onboard dosing fluids including all PSA systems (FAP), Eolys, DPX, PAT etc. Ensuring the reservoir is topped up will help improve emissions and extend the life of the DPF.


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